Why trust us?

Practical Experience – Customer Needs Based-Training – Hire For Success

Because we are a talented and experienced individuals which ensures that we can serve the funeral and insurance industry with the utmost care, superior service and diligence it deserves. We boast an experienced management team, led by the CEO of Your Care who is one of the most trusted and respected leaders in the South African funeral services sector especially when it comes to funeral underwriting, business development and product development. He is the former owner of a funeral business and training company and has worked in the reputable insurance companies such as PPS, Liberty, Old Mutual Franchise, KGA Funeral Underwriter, Safrican Funeral Underwriter and Managed a panel of Brokers and Administrators and held senior positions in the Independent Insurance Brokers.  

Having gained practical experience in this field, we understand, appreciate and anticipate the challenges faced by the existing funeral parlours and start-up funeral parlours. Our experiences shape our training packages hence our workshops are based primarily on practical experience and insights gained from our own business experiences, our own failures and our own successes within the funeral and insurance industry let alone the employment in the most reputable insurance companies.

When we hire, we hire for excellence.  Our clients’ needs, the products they want, the financial goals they want to achieve, and the growth they want to attain, determine the kind of employees we hire. Our employees’ skills, experience and qualifications should fit into our clients’ service expectations. This recruitment approach ensured that we build skilled teams that are fine-tuned to meet our clients’ requirements. Further to that, we have a comprehensive program for the continuous development and up-skilling of our staff. Incentives too, for relevant academic achievement are in place, along with sound human resources practices.


Over the years and prior to the establishment of Your Care, which was officially registered in 2018, the founder and CEO of Your Care had already formed a unique alliance with insurance underwriters, brokers, administrators, software companies thus enabling us to provide you with the best training workshops that are aligned to the products underwritten by the insurers. Our company is young in registration but old in experience because experience is the greatest teacher.

Industry Knowledge, Research And Local Expertise

Our leadership, management and employees never stopped reading. We have never stopped improving our knowledge of the industry. We have never stopped studying and obtaining the relevant industry qualifications. We have never stopped attending industry events whether virtually or in person. We belong to different industry related organizations and never stopped researching and developing the best and modern products for our clients. We have never detached ourselves from the realities of Microinsurance and the impact it would have on funeral parlours and burial societies. We have alerted our clients to these regulations and started preparing them to align and comply with the regulations because we have the local expertise.  Therefore, we provide our clients with insights, which is information beyond the obvious, latest market trends, the risks that threaten the existence of their businesses, updates on regulatory developments and help them navigate the ever-changing regulatory environment. Whatever we do, we do it with them because we are in it together.

Why Choose Us?


Because your competitors chose us. They beat you on your own ground and occupy your territory because of our well-developed business strategies. Secondly, if you think of starting your funeral business, after the first workshop with us, you will start-to operate. The secret to immediate operation lies with us. Put us to the test and get a shock of your life because of our amazing training which will kick-start your vision.

Our Culture and Philosophy

We respect our clients. We respect their businesses. We strongly believe in operational autonomy and management independence. Our services are interventions for the growth, stability and success of our clients. We strive to push the boundaries and challenge the status quo. We believe that the earth is forever in motion and our products should also be evolving to meets the currents and future needs of our clients. While many companies exist for profit only, we exist for both profit and knowledge sharing.

Continued Support and Visibility

Our support lasts forever. We are not offering a “once-off” service or training. You will remain with us forever and enjoy endless workshops and consultations at a minimal fee. This is a long and lasting business relationship. A legacy for generations to come. Your staff or a family member will join you in these trainings as part of the contingency plan on your side. Yes, we create permanent companies.

We are visible. We will continue mentoring and coaching our clients so that they remain resilient amid this pandemic and daily business challenges. We also assist them to source the right employees and placing them in the right positions within the right departments.

We are not a sales company. Sales companies focus on sales, targets and commissions. We are a solution-driven organization. We focus on working solutions in a way of products, workshops and trainings. Whatever income we receive on our side, we regard it as a silent applause for a job well done. Indeed, we are an Anchor you can hold onto to whether the storm.


We partner with the organizations who aspire to serve the funeral industry with the utmost professionality, respect, dignity and catering to their tailored needs.

We believe in partnerships and carefully select the right partners. Our partnerships should serve the purpose of:

  • Increasing reach for product distribution through relevant ecosystems.
  • Increasing or leveraging capability to solve customer problems.
  • To accelerate product innovation and market exposure.
  • To reduce risk and improve efficiency through leveraging on the systems and technology.
  • Regulatory and compliance should be in the heart of the partnership.
  • Customer centric organizations.
  • Honesty, Integrity and transparency should be the building blocks of the partnership.

To fulfill our purpose, we have partnered with various companies for your benefit:

  1. Compliance – we have partnered with accredited compliance officers to make sure that your company is 100% compliant with the regulations including POPI Act.
  2. Administration Software – the old days of manual operation are dead. The world is digital. Clients’ information is crucial and need to be protected. Manual Business Operation is stressful and full of errors. The admin software we provide is aligned with the Underwriters and have the functionalities to handle, track and manage claims. Further to that, they will assist you to manage your sales team remotely and receive reports on daily basis.
  3. Accounting – the software allows you to invoice on the road, bank at the office and manage cash flow from your home.
  4. Underwriters – we have secured the most affordable rates from the underwriters and have negotiated the minimum membership requirement, yes from as little as 10 members.

In-Demand Funeral Products

We have value for money funeral plans and have a variety of funeral plans from which funeral parlours and those who want to start their own funeral parlours can choose from.  Our clientele is constantly growing month by month.  Our funeral plans vary from group funeral benefits to society groups and stokvels, employee benefits and individual funeral policies. Just tell us your vision, your desire and your wishes, we will deliver the best out of this world solutions.